Digital Enterprise Show 2019

Another recent success for Quasar was our participation at the Digital Enterprise Show, DES, held at IFEMA – Feria de Madrid between Tuesday, May 21, and Thursday, May 23.

The annual DES had more than 300 of the world’s top tech companies participate, a Congress with 450 of the world’s best digital experts, and more than 21,000 visitors; this year was no exception. The DES is utilized to gather interested minds in order to discuss how the digital world is causing changes to business, to collaborate and thus gain a general knowledge, and to confer about how different skills, solutions, and knowledge can be utilized to shape the future of various industries.

At this year’s show, Quasar was able to participate not only as attendees, but also as a contributing company. In total, seven of our team members attended the conference and provided incite to visitors curious about our many projects.

On Tuesday, May 21, our booth at the DES invited visitors to discuss the progress made in both the robotic telescope project and the StarFormMapper project.

Wednesday, May 22, saw two of our team members explaining and showcasing our drone as well as providing an interactive experience with the ESA-funded project involving our development of virtual reality.

Additionally, Quasar was able to present on the SIMBAD project on Wednesday to many interested DES attendees. The presentation was a perfect end to the second day at the show as SIMBAD was a huge spotlight for our booth on Thursday.

SIMBAD is focused on monitoring the posidonia in the Mediterranean Sea via images taken by Sentinel. In addition to entertaining inquiries regarding our drone and the StarFormMapper project during the final day of the DES, visitors were able to view our SIMBAD progress with a real-time display of the various images taken by Sentinel.

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