Slide Our team of experts includes The Team Quasar Science Resources is a team of highly qualified experts covering a wide variety of backgrounds. We are committed to our customers and believe that the key to success is by working towards building a good reputation and to establish long term relationships with our customers and clients. Our areas of expertise cover scientific software development and data reduction techniques, handling and exploitation of scientific data bases, archive engineering and data mining, computer systems engineering, including virtual machine infrastructure, network, data storage and backup. We have ample experience working in international collaborations in the fields of ground and space-based scientific astronomical observatories.

Quasar’s aim is to improve business efficiency and output by providing original IT design solutions for scientific environments, as well as to modify, enhance, or adapt existing systems by integrating new features or improvements. Our team of analysts specializes in the deployment and configuration of Virtual Infrastructure and in the configuration and maintenance of large storage infrastructure, web servers, databases, monitoring tools, and load Balancers and container technology. Computer System Analysts

The Software Engineers of Quasar have experience in the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of new code, as well as the maintenance and improvement of legacy code currently in use. With our scientific background, we can provide software architectural solutions developed with a scientist’s needs and expectations understood and addressed. Additionally, our expertise includes the design and development of web applications (back-end and client layers; full-stack) oriented for data processing in grid or cloud environments. Where needed, we make use of container technology (Docker, Kubernetes) in all development stages up to production. Software Engineers

The Quasar Data Archive Engineers have experience in data management, exploitation, and archiving for large international research projects. Their expertise includes access, manipulation, distribution, and maintenance of real-time and archived data. Our team of experts is also highly involved in international standardization groups, such as the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA). Their experience includes the design and implementation of IVOA protocols. Data Archive Engineers

Our scientists have doctorates in several scientific areas and have ample experience working for international research projects and international research centres. At Quasar, we understand how scientists or R&D departments conduct research; whose role is not to develop software or build IT infrastructure, but to focus on research. Thus, our combined team of software, archive and system engineers work alongside our scientists to best utilize their combined knowledge and experience to close this gap and offer solutions geared to achieve a high scientific return. Data Analysts

Slide CREATIVITY INVENTION INNOVATION ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY We believe in the quality of our work by introducing