Slide In the public domain, we collaborate with entities in proposals to the European Commission H2020 program, to the Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación of the Spanish Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad and provide support to the European Space Agency. We list in these pages our main projects, clients and partners Projects, Clients and Partners Quasar Science Resources provides high quality tailored-made services targeted at Research Centres, Universities and Private Companies looking to expand their activity domain.
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01 SIMBAD A Scientific Platform
to Protect Earth's Ecosystems
from Space
View Using Sentinel 2 images and Artificial Intelligence to map Posidonia meadows in the Mediterranean Sea SIMBAD
MAGMA View Quasar has developed a Drone Ground Segment

1. Mision Planing and Quick Analysis Tool
2. Data Adquisition
3. Grond Station
4. Pipeline Processing Platform
5. Data Archive
We mount scientific instruments
and personalize the drone
02 Magnetometry on board drones:
a new era of magnetic
03 ESA Frame Contracts
for Industrial Support to ESA
View QUASAR is present in the
Frame Contracts
for Industrial Support
to ESA at the European
Space Astronomy Centre,
QUASAR provides support to ESA
Science Missions in three
main areas,

Sotware Engineering
Systems Engineering
Data Archive Engineering
Scientific Support
H2020 - SFM View QUASAR has developed
The Dynamic Evolution Added Value Interface (DEAVI)

DEAVI runs scientific algorithms to exploit Gaia and Herschel
data and presents the results to the end user in
an easy intutive way
A Gaia and Herschel Study of the
Density Distribution and Evolution
of Young Massive Star Clusters

EC Horizon 2020 Project – Space call
GAIA VR Virtual Reality
Astronomical Data Exploitation Tool
View QUASAR has developed a Virtual and
Mixed Reality software application
to provide a highly innovative data
exploration tool, with unprecedented
visualization and selection
capabilities for astronomers and
planetary scientists, focused in
maximising exploitation of
ESA Science

INDUSTRIAL DOCTORATES QUASAR holds two Industrial Doctorates at Universities in Madrid View Doctorate Projects

MAyFAIR - UAM (Spain)

07 ROBOTIC TELESCOPES Robotic Telescopes for NEOs and Space Debris View QUASAR is in charge of the development
of the scheduling software for ESA's
Test-Bed Telescopes and also gives
local support in the use of the
Cebreros telescope
P3-NEO-XII - definition of the
requirements for ESA’s telescope NEOSTEL

P3-SST-III - for Robotic
Telescopes Demonstration

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