Mars Atmospheric Science and Recent Mars Missions Workshop

Spring is coming to an end, but Quasar is determined to end it with as much representation as possible! On Wednesday, May 22, and Thursday, May 23, one of our project managers represented our work and our company at the Europlanet-sponsored Mars Atmospheric Science and Recent Mars Missions Workshop in El Escorial.

The workshop focused on the analyses of the Martian atmosphere as well as the status of current and future Martian missions. While at the workshop, Quasar was able to learn more about the ExoMars-2020 mission, the analysis of various observations of the ExoMars-2016 and Maven missions, the recently-launched NASA InSight Mission, and the data from the two missions Mars Express and Mars Science Laboratory.

Additionally, the workshop allowed for conversations regarding the development of new approaches to study the many Martian observations. Said approaches could consist of new algorithms or cloud computing tools. The Martian observations include data from the atmosphere, dust, radiation, surface processes, etc.

Access to education on the Martian findings was also discussed at the workshop as the event allowed for brainstorming regarding how to incorporate Mars in university courses as well as in standard outreach activity in high school.

Of the event, our team member said, “It was very interesting to attend the talks related to the analysis of the Martian atmosphere, the interactions between the atmosphere and the surface, as well as the current and future status of the missions to Mars.”

While at the workshop, our team was also able to focus on networking. From this event, we were able to establish a contact with a university professor interested in collaborating for an informative presentation regarding artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other such topics. Additionally, the Finnish Meteorological Institute is interested in collaboration with Quasar in the near future.

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