StarFormMapper: Third and last Workshop, York

Autumn has officially arrived at the Quasar offices, and with it, our team members have hit the ground running with the many projects on deck. One such project, StarFormMapper, saw some of our dedicated team members travel to York to collaborate and discuss the Horizon 2020 project’s upcoming completion with other invested participants at the SFM Project Final Conference, officially titled “From Gas to Stars: the Links between Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation.”

The conference, held between September 16 and 20, was held in the Yorkshire Museum in the United Kingdom and hosted an abundance of scientists and science enthusiasts interested in the project’s progression and impending end date.

During the final workshop of the conference, we presented the latest version of DEAVI, an Added Value Interface, AVI, which acts as the link between two of ESA’s major space missions, Gaia and Herschel, and the scientific algorithms provided by the University of Leeds, Cardiff University, Université Grenoble Alpes, and Universiteit Leiden.

DEAVI is the main tool currently under development by Quasar for the StarFormMapper project, funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme.

Additionally while at the conference, Quasar’s team members provided participants an opportunity to peek into the company’s talents beyond DEAVI, which has been Quasar’s main contribution to the project; conference-goers were more than interested to experience our most recently developed virtual reality applications that allowed the viewer to take a step “into” the star clusters we are studying.

As our VR applications utilized data from the ESA Gaia Mission, many participants were able to see the movements of individual stars within the provided star clusters, as well as temperatures, size, and location of the actual stars.

The conference was a grand success for all involved — our team included. The next step for Quasar regarding the StarFormMapper project is to submit the paperwork and perform any finishing touches on our end. We feel more than prepared for the approaching completion date.

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