T3chFest Hackathon 2019

In mid-March, Quasar sent a team of three skilled developers to the annual T3chFest Hackathon to participate in the 2019 theme: IoT in the rural world. This year’s hackathon was held at La Nave Madrid.

Internet of things, IoT, is the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects. The concept of IoT is to connect everything to the internet, thus allowing objects to collect information and send it, receive information and act on it, or both.

The two-day event included workshops regarding cutting-edge technologies, presentations about an introduction to the technologies, an open-forum area for community conversation, and, of course, the hackathon.

The Quasar team developed a blockchain and IoT application for fair trade users to view information from each point of the food collection and sale process. Our trio worked on both writing in the chain with IBM blockchain as well as web visualization.

The T3chFest Hackathon allowed Quasar to showcase not only our innovative thinking and dedication to development, but also our fluency in open communication within a team. We look forward to participating in the 2020 hackathon as well as similar events throughout 2019 to keep our team’s creativity, execution, and communication sharp.

Here, the Quasar team tests the development of their innovative idea for the “IoT in the rural world” hackathon. This photo was provided by the T3chFest organization.

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