Drone Pilot Licenses

Quasar officially has three certified drone pilots!

On April 3, three employees located primarily at the Quasar offices in Las Rozas obtained their drone pilot licenses for the S1000+ model at the Avistadrone facilities located at the aerodrome in Illescas, Toledo.

In order to obtain the license, our team had to complete an online course over the span of six months. The course included self-assessments of each subject that required a minimum score of 75% in order to qualify for the final exam. After six months of a diligent study schedule, our team passed the final exam with flying colors.

The S1000+ model license allows us to independently operate the drone owned and designed by Quasar for the MAGMA project.

The aforementioned MAGMA project is a recently completed Research and Development project aimed to improve the state of the art in the magnetometry field via implementing vector magnetometers on board an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV or drone, to supply innovative magnetic maps with information regarding magnitude and orientation of the magnetic field.

Here, María Ramírez, left, Francisco Ocaña, and Emanuel Ramirez showcase the drone which inspired the need for a license.

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