Global Robot Expo 2019

Quasar made sure to start May off on the right foot with attendance and participation at the Global Robot Expo at IFEMA – Feria de Madrid on Wednesday, May 8, and Thursday, May 9. The annual two-day international exhibition focused on innovation, robotics, and other related technologies that will greatly impact the future.

We held a booth at the exposition with our drones on display for interested attendees to observe, discuss, and inquire. Additionally, we were able to create a video showing the general functionality of the drone in action, which proved to thoroughly impress many technology enthusiasts. During flight, the boom attached to the drone is able to extend at the click of a button. The magnetometer is located at the end of the boom, which allows the instrument to function better as it is further from the magnetic noise introduced by the rotors of the drone.

One of the founders of Quasar presented at the GREX regarding the innovative work at our company as well as an update on the SIMBAD project we have been working on under the ESA Business Incubation Centre.

Not only did our presence and our presentation impress various attendees and companies at the exposition, but our company has made a lasting impact. The networking done at the exposition has allowed us to be in contact with multiple companies interested in collaboration; which is nothing but good news for us as we love working with others to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the evolving scientific world we live in!

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