Quasar is looking for a teledetection profile

Quasar is looking for a profile in teledetection to fill in a position working in the SIMBAD project. SIMBAD uses Sentinel-2 images and Artificial Intelligence to map Posidonia meadows in the Mediterranean Sea.

Quasar released a prototype in September 2019

SIMBAD Prototype

The candidate will be tasked with the following:

  • Improve the analysis of Sentinel images
  • Improving Machine Leaning models used to extract information from Sentinel images
  • Develop, improvement and automation of full analysis pipeline, including conecting the steps and output of the processing to the project Data Base

The requirements for the position are:

  • knowledge in the processing of Sentinel images (Sentinel 2 primarily and Sentinel 1 desired)
  • Advanced/fluent in Python (NumPy, GDal)
  • Intermediate level: Git; SNAP or QGis or other tool for processing georeferenced data
  • Basic go, SQL, linux (command line)
  • Background in physics, mathematics and large data processing desireable

Those interested please send an email with an attached CV to: contact@quasarsr.com

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