RAPTA Robotics

Quasar has joined a large european consortium made out of Universities and companies across Europe devoted to the development of a robot with general-purpose capabilities and intelligence.

The projects objective is to demonstrate a bio-inspired technology in a proof of concept by developing a series of increasingly sophisticated robot systems, with the end goal of a dynamic and active autonomous humanoid robot.

The development of such robots has significant, concrete technological implications for new applications that have the potential to have enormous social and economic impact on many areas of our lives, bringing the benefits promised by the hype of robotics that have so far been unrealised.

The European consortium of experts comprise the University of Manchester (UK), Cyberbotics (Switzerland), Irida Labs (Greece), GII University da Coruna (Spain), Quasar Science Resources (Spain), BOC (Austria), JuMelia (UK), RoTechnology (Italy), Feuga (Spain), University of Coventry (UK) all led by the company Perceptual Robots (UK).

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