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Star Cluster Formation: Mapping the first few Myrs



A 2-day workshop, 14th-15th of June 2017, on the formation and early evolution of massive stars and their natal star clusters. Combining observation and theory, this workshop will tackle the the big issues of this field, including: the clustering of stars and gas, the initial conditions required to form star clusters form and their early kinematic and dynamical evolution (sub-structure, mass segregation).


This workshop is hosted by the StarFormMapper (SFM) project, an EU Horizon2020 funded collaboration between the University of Leeds, University of Cardiff, University Grenoble Alps and Quasar Science Resources SL. Our aim is to combine state-of-the-art models with observations from ESA’s Gaia and Herschel missions to map the density distribution of star formation regions, to constrain the mechanisms that underlie massive star and star cluster formation. To do this, we will develop new automated statistical techniques and common user tools that will provide a community wide benefit. Our scientific results will underpin the study of how all galaxies evolve.


  • Initial Conditions of Stellar Cluster Formation
  • Spatial Properties of Star Cluster Forming Regions
  • Spatial Structure of Newly Formed Star Clusters
  • Dynamics and Evolution of Newly Formed Star Clusters
  • Review on Gaia, its Status and News


The workshop will take place at Euroforum in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in the heart of the Guadarrama mountain range, only 50 kilometres from Madrid (Spain).

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