Offsite Backup Solution for Indizen Optical Technologies


Quasar has extended its collaboration with Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT) with an Offsite Backup Solution. Quasar’s proposed system performs daily Offsite Backups to an external NAS device.

The system QUASAR provided is composed of a NAS device with 50 terabytes of HD setup with RAID 6 (dual parity) providing good protection from hardware defects or defective sectors/read errors (hard errors). The system was mounted on a Monolyth rack.


img-20161020-wa0003    img-20161020-wa0007

In the case of offsite backups, Quasar configures security protocols for data transfer between the two site and smart replication of data to avoid unnecessary traffic. Bandwidth tests are always carried out in order to ensure the proposed system can meet the traffic throughput requirements. As with all our works, Quasar designs tailored-made software configurations to cover the needs of the client, including the configuration of the alerts issued by the backup system, in the case of offsite backup, to cover both the local and remote backup systems.

As with other projects, Quasar gives training to their clients personnel so that they can run the daily routine monitoring and maintenance of the backup system, and offers contingency support for the first 4 months after installation.