Storage and Backup Solution for Indizen Optical Technologies


Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT) is a company that offers state-of-the-art ophthalmic lens design software (LDS). With an increasing workforce (>45 employers), IOT was facing the problem of storing company information and backing up personal computers, including laptops, and servers. After an initial study of their requirements and work environment, Quasar proposed a network attached storage (NAS) based solution to serve as a centralized Storage and Backup system.

Quasar can propose Storage and Backup solutions that combine commercial and ad hoc backup solutions to take into consideration the existance of different systems in the client’s infrastructure. We consider, for example, Window’s Backup and Restore, Apple’s Time Machine, Cloud Station client / server (unlimited clients), old Robocopy schema and any other windows backup client compatible with NAS.

Quasar can design Storage and Backup systems that can cope with the existance of both personal workstations and laptops. If necessary, and required by the clients existing infrastructure, volumes can be configured in order to migrate data from existing servers to the new ones installed by Quasar. Quasar also designs tailored-made software configurations to cover the needs of the client, including the configuration of the alerts issued by the backup system. Server backup tests are also included in Quasar’s work, as well as Windows and MacOSX backup tests. Recovery tests of both server and workstations are always carried out, including, if required by the client, shutdown tests in case of power loss controlled by a UPS unit (which can also be provided by us).

Quasar can also propose alternative solutions for the standard backup system, including a demonstration of how the Cloud Station works as a backup system.

As with other projects, Quasar gives training to their clients personnel so that they can run the daily routine monitoring and maintenance of the backup system, and offers contingency support for the first 4 months after installation. Also, if requested by the client, Quasar can set up a scheme to check the status and validity of the system every 6 months.

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