Quasar is looking for a Software Engineer profile to work with the SIMBAD team

Earth Observation (EO) applications and services are rapidly increasing. Sentinel missions are being developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) for the Copernicus Program, a European effort to monitor the Earth and its different habitats. Each Sentinel mission is based on a constellation of two satellites to fulfil revisit and coverage requirements, providing robust datasets for Copernicus Services. These missions (from Sentinel-1 through Sentinel-6) carry a range of technologies, such as radar and multi-spectral imaging instruments for land, ocean and atmospheric monitoring; and are providing massive EO data collections on a global scale, and the data generation rate is rapidly increasing. In addition, advances in Information Technology (IT) infrastructures have enabled new ways of accessing and exploiting EO data. This rapid evolution provides an opportunity for added value service providers of EO applications and services. Quasar Science Resources is taking advantage of this opportunity and is developing products and custom services based on Sentinel data.

SIMBAD (Sentinel Imagery MultiBand Analysis and Dissemination), is a module of Quasar Scientific Exploitation Platform (SEP), dedicated to the processing of Sentinel imagery and the extraction of EO-based products. SIMBAD integrates the hardware/software infrastructures able to supply the computing and storage resources needed for the exploitation and provision of the tools needed to manage the EO datasets in a distributed environment. SIMBAD facilitates the exploitation of EO data by developing applications to address societal challenges, enabling policymakers, authorities, and environmental agencies to develop long-term strategies as well as to react efficiently to sudden critical situations.

Quasar is looking for a profile in Software Engineering to fill in a position working for the SIMBAD project. SIMBAD uses Sentinel images to extract different resources in the areas of Maritime Monitoring, Marine Ecosystem Monitoring, Water Quality Monitoring, Wildfire Monitoring and Precision Agriculture. For this reason, Quasar wants to incorporate a committed profile, not afraid of challenges, with flexibility to undertake different tasks and eager to learn and be part of a great team.

The candidate will be integrated within the SIMBAD team and tasked with the following:

• Develop the SIMBAD SEP to accommodate the scientific requirements of the project and take SIMBAD to a production stage.
• Support the scientific team by developing, improving and making automatic the different Sentinel imagery scientific processing analysis pipelines.
• Integrate the scientific analysis pipelines within the SIMBAD infrastructure.
• Develop the tools to manage and execute within the SEP the different scientific processing pipelines.
• Develop the tools to distribute SIMBAD products to the end users.
• Develop the visual interface for SIMBAD products.
The requirements for the position are:
• Good understanding of team work and understanding of a role within a team and work to achieve your duties as well as collaborate and help others.
• Good level of English.
• Technology skills: Java, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Java Script, Databases ORM (Postgres, MariaDB…) and as desirable good knowledge in Angular, Rabit MQ and cloud.
• Knowledge at user level of Confluence, Jira, Git and Scrum methodology.

Other positive aspects are:

• Data manipulation and GIS
• Virtual Machine Infrastructure
• Cloud Environment
• Good capacity of analysis and synthesis
• Team player spirit
• Ability to assume responsibilities
• Proactiveness and willing to take initiative
• Driving license
• Own projects (published in open repositories like GitHub)

The position´s location will be at our offices in Las Rozas de Madrid.

Quasar Science Resources is a team of highly qualified experts covering a wide variety of backgrounds that offers new concepts and approaches in the IT Management, Development and Services area. We provide consulting on Software and System Engineering services for Research and Development projects providing high quality tailored-made services targeted at Research Centres, Universities and Private Companies looking to expand their activity domain. Quasar has strong expertise in scientific software development and data reduction techniques, handling and exploitation of scientific databases, archive engineering and data mining, computer systems engineering, including virtual machine infrastructure, network, data storage and backup.

Those interested please send an email with an attached CV to: contact@quasarsr.com

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