SIMBAD: a diary

Hi!, my name is Alejandro Fernández Centeno, I have been working as a trainee at Quasar for the last 5 months.

My work has been developed in the SIMBAD project wich is a project that aims at monitoring the Posidonia Oceanica in the Mediterranean Sea. During my traineeship I had the opportunity to learn how to deal with the images provided by the Sentinel satellites and also learn how to handle and process these images. These months I have been able to help with diferent assignments related with SIMBAD and also, in other related tasks such as whale monitoring and monitoring harmful algae blooms using Sentinel-2

During my time in the company I have learnt how to use diferent useful tools such as Docker, git, Linux or SNAP, and I have also learnt a lot about image processing, specially those of scientific satellites.

In short, doing my internship in Quasar has been a great experience where I have been able to work with great professionals and grow as a physicist.

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