XMM-Newton Virtual Reality Room

ESA´s X-ray mission XMM-Newton celebrated its 20th anniversary on the 10th of December 2019. Quasar developed a Virtual Reality application which allows the exploration of the satellite in a virtual room. Orbiting around the Earth, inside this room, you can visualize the different components of the satellite. You can walk around the room while admiring the scale of the satellite as compared to a human being. You can also get a small model version of the satellite and play with it in your virtual hands inside the virtual room. With a click of a button you are transported outside the room and will be floating in space while admiring the satellite going around its orbit. Several views let you change position and explore the orbit of XMM-Newton around the Earth from different perspectives. The last surprise is being able to point your hand at predefined sky positions (check for name tags) in the sky and explore X-ray images as seen by XMM-Newton and taken from ESASky, an ESA tool to display the sky at different energies.

XMM-Newton 20th Anniversary Web Page:  

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