Quasar at the I Foro de Comunicación Salud Digital

On the 15th of November 2018 Quasar was present in the I Foro de Comunicación Salud Digital that took place at Caixa Forum, Madrid. The goal of this forum was to discuss how to close the gap between the new emerging communication technologies and the patients.

Pablo Alejandro, from Quasar, was present during the third round table discussion Future Prospects: Predictive Medicine and Digital Communications

During the discussion, it was pointed out that predictive medicine needs several sources of information, mainly; data from the health system and data from the patients. It is by managing these large quantities of information (Big Data) in an efficient way where predictive medicine can thrive. One of the sources of patient information its the genetic information. It is in fact along these lines that the GenObIA project is working. This project, led by professor López Farré, has amongst its goals to apply artificial intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning) to a combination of patient data, including socioeconomic and lifestyle factors, and genetic information to predict those persons at risk of being overweight in the future.

To read a full article (in Spanish), follow this link.

Top Photo: From left to right, Miguel Ángel Vences, Dr. Antonio López Farre, Dr. Julio Mayol, José Luis Enríquez y Pablo Alejandro Martínez  (Quasar) disscussed how predictive medicine could work and help patients in the future. Foto: Oscar Frutos

Top Photos: Different moments during the event. Fotos: Oscar Frutos




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