ESA: Frame Contracts for Industrial Support to ESA

ESA Directorates rely upon the support of industrial manpower to complement as necessary their own internal ESA resources so as to ensure the satisfactory execution of tasks needed to adequately support ESA’s Programmes. Currently such support is contracted under the “Frame Contracts for Industrial Support to ESA Directorates represented at ESTEC” for a period of five years, expiring in December 2016 (currently under an extention until July 1st 2017). In November 2016 ESA released the conditions that covers the Frame Contracts for Industrial Support to ESA Directorates for the next five-year period 2017 – 2021. Interested companies had a period of about 2 months, until the end of January 2017, to bid for positions in those Activity Domains where they have expertise.

At present, the Activity Domains are envisaged to cover Engineering and technical support, Business Management,Administration and Controlling, Scientific support and Information Technology, Education, Communication and Facility Management support in the following ESA sites: ESTEC (The Netherlands), ESOC/EAC (Germany), ESRIN (Italy), Spain (ESAC), UK (ECSAT), HQ (France), CSG (French Guyane), etc.

The Frame Contract covering the abovementioned support activities sets the overall framework covering all the legal, administrative, financial and management-related aspects generally applicable to all support work to be carried out by the Contractor.

Quasar Science Resources expressed its interest in providing ESA support at ESAC within the frame of the Frame Contracts for Industrial Support to ESA for the period 2017-2021. The announcement that Quasar won the contract came early in June 2017 and shows the quality and experience of our staff. Under this contract Quasar will be able to bid for work within ESA, and marks a big step forward for Quasar and for the future development of the company not only because its manpower will be increased, but also because new expertise in the Scientific, IT and Engineering domains is being brought on board. This will also allow Quasar to exploit ESA technologies and open the door to other markets.

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