Industrial Doctorate Opportunity at QUASAR

Quasar Science Resources and the Department of Theoretical Condense Matter Physics at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid are looking for candidates to request a PhD Thesis from the Comunidad de Madrid to work in the field.

We are looking for candidates interested in requesting a fellowship from the Comunidad de Madrid (Convocatoria 2017 para la concesión de ayudas para la realización de Doctorados Industriales en la Comunidad de Madrid) to do a PhD These in the field of nanomecanics and theory of microscopic forces (Atomic Force Microscopy, AFM) at the company Quasar Science Resources in collaboration with the group at the Department of Theoretical Condense Matter Physics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid led by Prof. Rubén Pérez.

The work will consist in developing AFM image recognition techniques applied to molecular images using the same machine learning algorithms that are used in image recognition of terrain as taken from drones.

Those interested should get in contact with Prof. Rubén Pérez  ( before the

31st of January 2018


  • The candidates should have a graduate in Physics, Chemistry, Computing or an Engineer.
  • Master degree

The following will be taken into consideration:

  • Knowledge in physics, programming and computing
  • Academic record

Contact Details:

Prof. Rubén Pérez:
Dpto. Física Teórica de la Materia Condensada
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

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