Robotic Telescopes for NEOs and Space Debris   Recently updated !

Robotic telescopes are astronomical telescope and detector systems which do not require human intervention for their operation. On December 22nd ESA issued an Invitation to Tender (P3-SST-III for Robotic Telescopes Demonstration – AO9061) to support the deployment of interfaces to existing robotic telescopes and demonstrate the robustness of remote automated operations.

Quasar Science Resources is part of the Consortium of the project P3-NEO-XII to provide the European Space Agency with a Telescope data processing chain. Quasar provides the expertise in the definition of the requirements for ESA’s telescope NEOSTEL. The goal of the NEOSTEL project is to create a ground-based network of telescopes for Near Earth Objects observation in the frame of ESA/EU Space Situational Awareness Programme.

Quasar is also part of the project P3-SST-III for Robotic Telescopes Demonstration. It is a project for the deployment of interfaces to robotic telescopes, ensuring their autonomous operations. Quasar is in charge of the development of the scheduling software for ESA’s Test-Bed Telescopes and also gives local support in the use of the Cebreros telescope.

The Consortium is led by the companies:

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